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OHS One-Hour Lunch

OHS will be having a one-hour lunch break (11:33-12:33) on Friday, November 4th for students that meet the following criteria: 95% attendance rate, less than 6 total tardies, and no discipline referrals during the first 9 weeks of the school year.  Students were notified if they receive the lunch break and are asked to follow the listed expectations:

  • Students are expected to communicate with their parents that they will receive the one-hour lunch break. 

  • Students are expected to get their parents permission before riding to and from lunch with other students.

  • Students are expected to drive and behave appropriately when on or off campus during the one-hour lunch break.  

  • Students are expected to return to school after lunch and be on time for 6th period.

  • Students understand that they may lose their one-hour lunch privileges in the future for not following expectations.

If you have any questions regarding the one-hour lunch break, please contact Mr. Julian at 592-4235 or at