Sports Boosters

Sports Boosters "Own a Piece of the Past"

Would you like to own a piece of the past? The old Oblong High School wooden bleachers built in 1957 are now up for sale. These wooden bleachers sat on the north side of the gym at OHS and have been replaced with new bleachers. The Oblong Sports Boosters are selling the old wooden seats. Each seat has it origional number and a tag to go on it that reads "OHS Gym, 1957-2010". These may be purchased for $20.00 per seat. Consecutive numbered seats may be purchased left together and not cut apart. The seat numbers range from #1-#52. All proceeds will benefit Oblong Sports programs. you may contact any of the Sports Booster members listed below for details on purchasing your piece of the past.

Rick Potts 592-3239

Laura York 592-3602

Jay Haines 592-3141

Kevin Davis 592-4193

Connie Meese 592-4101

Tammy Johnson 592-4913

Doug Slater 544-2619

Kelly Wells 554-2475